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Izzy the schnauzer Lump Sheenadog Tiny

Bee and Ru dog portraits Momo pencil portrait Tia spaniel portrait

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Barley in pencils Harry horse portrait Dachshund portrait Emma in coloured pencils

Sophie & Billy Bertie max and mattie

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Danny dressage horse Charlie in oils Toby westie portrait Cyrus vizsla portrait

Sally in the mountains Lyla oil painting Gemma german shepherd painting

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Pet Portraits

Pet portraits come in a choice of three different mediums to suit a variety of tastes and budgets. You can choose to have a pencil drawing of your pet, a coloured pencil drawing or an oil painting, all of which have thier own individual attibutes.


I work from photos of your pet which you can post or email to me. If you are local I can take professional photos for you to use for the portrait at no extra charge. Have a browse around my website galleries to see what you like the look of and if you are still unsure what medium would suit your pet you are welcome to email some photos to me so that I can help you with your decision.


I hope you will enjoy the process of choosing, ordering and watching your pet portrait develop as it is unlike many other purchases. It is a very special and unique thing to commission a piece of art especially tailored for you and I am here to realise any special visions you may have to make your portrait as unique as your pet. So please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions you may have as I am always happy to help.