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"I wanted to get my wife the perfect present for one of those special birthdays where numbers are not to be mentioned. Deciding on a portrait of our dogs was the easy part; finding an artist that could capture the sprit of their personality and provide the inspiring view of our favourite dog walking place was a daunting task.
I did a lot of research and fortunately found Amanda’s website, as luck would have it Amanda lived relatively close so she was only too pleased for me to come and visit her studio. It was instantly clear that Amanda is extremely passionate and talented; her work is nothing but inspirational; I don’t know how she does it but I could see in each picture the personality of each subject.
Unlike so many pet artists Amanda’s abilities are not restricted; I wanted a background that would capture the wonderful view from Dover cliffs this included cliffs, moor-land, sea, sky, piers and a cruise-liner. To Amanda this was no problem and something that she said she would enjoy doing.
Amanda was fantastic throughout the whole process offering advice on canvas, size and colours. I don’t know how she did it but I would regularly receive images of the portrait as it developed, she kept me involved in the progression which made the portrait even more special.
Amanda obviously understood my male weakness with regards to style and offered to select a frame that would best suit the portrait; thank goodness she did as the frame she selected beautifully compliments the picture.
On my wife’s birthday we drove to Amanda’s studio, even with Amanda’s amazing car in-front of her studio my wife did not click on. As soon as my wife saw the portrait she burst into tears, a sign that I had got it right and boy did I find the most inspiring artist to capture my dog’s personalities.
Amanda is a truly inspirational artist who has provided us with a portrait that takes pride of place in our home; I have no doubt that I am privileged to own a portrait by Amanda Brown. Thank you so much...."
Nick Barton