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Agility portrait

What Ru's owner says...

"Dog agility has been my hobby for more years than I care to remember, and Ru is my latest agility dog. 2011 was only her first season competing and what a year it was! I thought it would be lovely to mark such a wondering start of her agility career with a portrait. As I was so pleased with the picture of Bee and Ru I decided that it would be lovely to have one of Ru in various agility positions. This time, after discussing with Amanda, we agreed on three pencil ‘sketchy’ drawings with not too much detail, and a larger central picture in coloured pencil.
As with the first portrait, Amanda stayed in contact with regular scans and once or twice she amended the drawings following my observations. Not that the observations had anything to do with the quality of the drawings – it was purely that as they were action type pictures in a discipline that Amanda was not familiar with, the observations being how the dog was moving and where it would be moving to as they were action shots.
The final portrait is just stunning – each picture a portrait in its own right and each one showing a different side to Ru .... focussed, fun and thoughtful.
I cannot thank Amanda enough or sing her praises too strongly ...... the only downside is that I shall feel as though I have lost contact with an old friend, although I do try to keep up with what she is doing via her blog (her diary is most amusing!)."