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Rupert in the snow

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"Well what can I say; amazing, fantastic and wonderful, all words that perhaps don’t even do the painting justice.
The likeness, colours, warmth and feeling are perfect and captures Rupert to a T. When the painting arrived it was like Christmas had come a week early! The packaging was great - thank you for taking real good care of it as it made its way to South Yorkshire. As I removed the final bit of packaging I could not help but break into a big smile as Rupert’s gorgeous face appeared in the canvas.
My Wife likened the tones, colours, shimmers and glints of light to another great artist, Thomas Kinkade, which I think says it all really in terms of the skill and ability of the artist Amanda Brown. I would go so far as to say that you can even sense the artist’s love and passion for what she does through the various brush strokes and textures on the painting.
Thank you Amanda for the way you kept in touch throughout the commission, the advice and guidance you gave and the positive critique you provided to ensure the finished article was perfect.
Rupert’s painting now takes pride of place on our living room wall and yes just below it lays Rupert himself thinking “What a handsome chap I am”!!
So why is the subject so special? Well, had it not been for the quick thinking and unselfishness of a local vet taking blood from one of her own rescue Springer’s one evening a year or so ago and giving it to Rupert as an emergency transfusion, then he would have not survived an immune deficiency illness. His braveness and determination to survive makes him a little more than just a Spaniel to his family.
We’ll be back again in the New Year with another opportunity for Amanda to practice her brilliant skill when we have our Irish Setter Scarlet commissioned for a portrait. Can’t wait...........
Thank you so much, David and Kerry Ridge, Doncaster, South Yorkshire."